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Company profile

FitnessU is a premium fitness brand that for over twenty years has led the way in providing unique fitness and wellness training programs for private and corporate clients. Having established ourselves as one of the leading fitness and wellness brands in Hong Kong, we have recently expanded our services throughout Asia. Since January 2014 we have been able to offer our tailored services to clients in Shanghai, Beijing and Japan, and we continue to grow within the region.

FitnessU is dedicated to providing professional, experienced and motivated personal fitness trainers that match our clients own fitness and wellness needs and styles. Our fitness trainers are experienced but adaptable, and are ever evolving our fitness programs to match our client’s health and wellness needs.

Our fitness programs, in their breadth and variety, appeal to the discerning customer who demands a very high quality of both trainers and services.

Our vision

"Movement is the medicine for creating positive change in our physical, emotional and mental state"is our guiding slogan and it encapsulates the spirit of our programs. We offer a holistic approach to health and well-being that aims to combine exercise, nutrition and life coaching techniques for a truly healthy and happy life.


FitnessU was founded in Hong Kong over four years ago to help our clients improve the quality of their lives by providing the necessary support, guidance, inspiration and motivation to allow them to improve their lifestyles.

Our aim is to help our clients look and feel their best. We believe that there are three core factors that affect our wellbeing:

Bullet Exercise

Bullet Nutrition

Bullet Relaxation

Ensuring that these three essential parts of our life are in equilibrium is what makes FitnessU so unique and what truly differentiates us from other fitness and wellness companies.

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